NOS passes subscription milestone

Portuguese pay TV operator and telecom service provider NOS has passed the milestone of 10 million revenue-generating units after a strong second quarter and first half.

The company signed up 98,100 RGUs in the second quarter, taking its total over the 10 million mark, with a strong showing iin mobile net adds in particular.

Pay TV fixed access numbers increased by 7,000 over the quarter, a significant improvement on the 1,000 signed up in Q1 and the 3,400 added in Q2 last year. The additions exactly offset a decline in the company’s DTH base.

NOS also saw growth in its based of ‘convergent-plus-integrated’ customers, with 8,100 added to this category, boosting convergent-plus-integrated RGU growth to 58,600 and taking this part of the NOS base to 5.061 million services sold.

Fixed broadband customers increased by 4,700, in line with the previous quarterly performance.

NOS reportedly just over 10 million RGUs, up from 9.747 million a year earlier, with pay TV fixed access customers numbering 1.371 million, up from 1.351 million. DTH customers declined from 283,000 to 269,000.

Operating revenues for the quarter amounted to €341 million overall, up from €321 million, of which €246 million was from the consumer segment, up from €236 million. EBITDA was €154 million, down from €158 million.

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