TIM tests satellite internet service to overcome Italy’s digital divide

Italian operator TIM has launched a test of a satellite internet service.

The service, utilising Eutelsat’s Konnect satellite, promises to offer TIM landline customers fast internet connectivity even if they are out of the broadband and ultrabroadband network.

Italy is notorious for its awkward broadband coverage in rural areas, with the country’s geography often making it difficult or impossible to lay new cable. TIM is looking to solve this with a new service that will offer speeds of up to 100Mbps, with a promise to overcome the country’s digital divide.

The satellite internet service is being offered on a limited first-come-first-served basis to 3,000 customers. Customers who sign up will be given a satellite kit on free loan, complete with a satellite dish, external transmitter and Wi-Fi modem. 

TIM said that testing is underway through “almost the entire country”, with its completion scheduled for October.

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