Smart TV OS maker ZEASN launches AI smart voice solutions

Smart TV solutions provider ZEASN is expanding its Whale brand into audio.

The Beijing-based company, whose tech is deployed by brands including Phillips and Huawei, has announced two new smart voice solutions – Whale Speaker OS and Whale AI Voice.

Whale Speaker OS is a complete speaker operating system that supports Linux and Android, and has Alexa built-in. The main driver of the OS is support for the new Whale AI Voice tech, while the OS also provides DSP voice algorithm service.

As for the AI Voice tech itself, ZEASN said that it is applicable to “all kinds of voice-enabled scenes”, and will help customers to upgrade products and enhance product competitiveness.

Whale Speaker OS has passed the Amazon Alexa ACM Audio Call Certification, while a number of smart TVs powered by Whale TV OS and Whale AI voice have obtained the AVS authorisation of Amazon Alexa in Colombia.

Raymond Chung, CTO of ZEASN said: “Alexa has an open strategy in terms of its voice technology and ZEASN has been an essential contributor while benefiting from such strategy. After the deep cooperation with the Alexa team for more than two years, many new capabilities related to AVS (Alexa Voice Service) turned out to be the first implemented on ZEASN’s products (such as ODM’s newly launched ACM audio and video call functions). 

“We have been assisting in debugging and submitting application feedback to the Alexa team in a timely manner to help improve the Alexa intelligent voice services. Through active and close cooperation with the Alexa team, we look forward to providing our customers with complete voice control and intelligent voice interaction services, helping them to succeed with the power of voice-driven technology.”

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