BT launches smart broadcast network Vena

BT has launched a new smart broadcast network dubbed Vena.

Launching via BT Media and Broadcast, Vena promises to be “a world-first, software-defined smart broadcast network” that can simplify how media companies produce and distribute content. 

BT said that Vena will support “all needs across live, streaming and data” and that it is compatible with existing systems and supply chains. Vena will allow users to add automation, efficiency, end-to-end control and visibility across entire media ecosystems. 

The operator added that the launch is “a significant step in the evolution of broadcast technology.” 

Faisal Mahomed, director of BT Media and Broadcast, said: “We’ve developed Vena to empower organisations to evolve in an industry that is changing rapidly. Customer expectations are increasing while their behaviour is shifting to more on-demand content, and broadcasters and media companies need to adapt for these new forms of media consumption.

“With our Vena launch, we’re able to provide a smart broadcast network compatible with current and future technologies. Delivering end-to-end, Vena provides greater ability and oversight giving organisations more control over how they produce content, reducing the time and resources needed to get great content to our screens. Vena will form the backbone of broadcast technology for generations to come.”

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