Stoneroos upgrades UI for Delta and Caiway

Multiplatform OTT TV solutions and EPGdata firm Stoneroos has announced the launch of a new set-top box user experience for Dutch operator DELTA Fiber Netherlands.

The UX overhaul will come to customers of the DELTA and Caiway brands, and promises a significantly improved experience. While Stoneroos says that the UI improvements are “mainly under the hood”, the company still claims that it will provide users with an average of 50% faster performance. 

The most visible change is the introduction of alternate EPGs. The end user has a choice to switch between a list view or a grid view TV guide.

To deploy this UX upgrade, Stoneroos said that it used its OTT NOW! white-label product. The solution is optimised for the operator, and presents a framework that consists of front-end clients and a proxy.

The cloud-based setup, it said “contributes to the robustness, reliability and flexibility and improves the speed and responsiveness of the user interfaces.”

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