3SS to more than double install base in 2021

STB software provider 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) has said that it is on course to double its market reach in 2021.

The company is in the process of delivering eight next-generation Android TV projects in EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, which will see the company’s tech in at least 25 million homes by the end of the year. This would be more than double the 2020 total of 10 million deployed homes.

In EMEA, 3SS will deploy products for customers including Proximus, Com Hem and Allente, among others.

The company has long been an advocate of Android TV, delivering the world’s first major Android-based deployment, Swisscom TV 2.0, in 2014, since updated to Swisscom TV OS4

Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3SS, said: “The Android TV OS is now truly mainstream, and operators around the world are building their next-generation TV offerings on it. We are extremely proud that so many have chosen our 3READY Product Framework, in particular the 3READY Custom Launcher enabled by Android TV Operator Tier, to help them create hybrid and OTT entertainment services people really love.

“Consumer-centric innovation is what we live and breathe at 3SS; while 2021 will certainly be a landmark year for us, we have an abiding drive and commitment to keep on creating new ways to improve the TV experience for people everywhere.”

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