VOO launches personalisation-focused VOO TV+

Belgian telco VOO has launched a new redesigned TV experience.

Dubbed VOO TV+, the operator has entirely redesigned its entertainment platform in a manner that promises a “100% personalised, multiscreen and mobile approach.”

VOO TV services include over 70 local and international channels, a catalog of more than 1,500 VOD titles, premium live and on-demand sports content, and specialised family and music bundles, delivered on STB, OTT and mobile platforms.

Personalisation, a core component of the experience, will rely on the tech of ContentWise and Altimedia.

Contentwise’s technology implements full-page bespoke personalisation on the entire content catalogue, along with an extended range of personalisation use cases and family profiles.

Altimedia meanwhile, a long-time partner of VOO, is securing source technology for receiver SW platform, user experience (UX), security solutions such as head-end, CAS/DRM, and voice-based AI solutions. 

Christian Vyncke, VP Tech of VOO said: “Our goal is to deliver the best content and user experience to our subscribers. When the time came to rethink our approach to our UX orchestration, we found that ContentWise had the capabilities we needed.

“With the explosive increase of content and the widespread use of media viewing on multiple devices, an open platform that supports personalized services is needed. Altimedia’s solution has enabled us to bring out the optimised performance of the Evasion Box, and we could cost-effectively mount various additional services on top of that.”

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