Connected devices market set to surge by 70% by 2025  

2021 will be the “year of service and device lifecycle management”, claims a new report. 

According to figures from the Broadband Forum, the number of installed connected devices in the home is expected to rise by 70% by 2025, with smart home systems set to rise to a market value of US$157 billion by 2023. This growth will be continued from 2020, where the stay-at-home nature of the Covid-19 led to an acceleration in internet connected device ownership.

Broadband Forum Chairman of the Board and Co-Director of the Broadband User Services Work Area John Blackford, said: “Given that we expect the rapid rise of connected devices in the home to continue this year and beyond, our recent survey report emphasized that the number of users and vendors utilizing USP continues to increase too. 

“The Broadband Forum will be responding to this focus on user services by making regular updates and developments to the USP. We are already working on the next versions of the Device:2 root data model (TR-181) and the USP standard to add new functionality and further solidify USP as the go-to interoperable ecosystem for the Connected Home.”

The report also notes that there will be an increased focus on remote management and updates for devices, along with WiFi management. It says that new standards in the home like Wi-Fi 6, coupled with new technologies extending IoT capabilities like 5G and gigabit-fiber deployments, are adding to both the challenges and complexities for the service provider in the Connected Home. 

Jason Walls Chair of the Broadband Forum Connected Home Council, said: “We recognise the importance of utilizing USP and open broadband as it ensures the easy integration of productized solutions to our overall offering and allows us to reap the benefits on offer.”

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