Unruly launches new self-service tool suite for publishers

Ad platform Unruly has launched a new suite of self-service tools for publishers.

The new platform called UnrulyX CTRL promises to allow publishers to package price and sell their programmatic inventory to the world’s biggest advertisers. In particular, the platform lets users set up programmatic deals across their CTV, video and banner inventory via deal IDs, enabling buyers to access unique audiences and drive revenue quickly and at scale.

The platform, which has been in beta since the start of 2020, is powered by Unruly’s supply-side ad platform and gives clients access to unique demand via direct relationships with advertisers and DSPs. Publishers can activate multiple data sources to target specific audiences and content types, and use the platform to manage how they sell their ad pods. 

Unruly’s Chief Strategy Officer Kenneth Suh said: “Publishers are increasingly looking for greater control and transparency – a trend that has become more prevalent in these uncertain times and the heightened anxiety caused by the global pandemic. At Unruly, we’re committed to equipping our partners with all the tools they need to maximize their ROI and smash their performance goals.

“With UnrulyX CTRL – a product name connected to the ‘hands-on-keyboard’ access it provides – publishers are back in the driver’s seat, allowing them to exert greater control and transparency over their own inventory and success.”

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