Vodafone Group restructures IT and Network business

Vodafone Group has announced a restructure of its IT and Network business.

The announcement will see the operator separate out its infra and services arms in a continued effort to become more of an overall technology company. 

The restructure also comes with an executive shakeup for the group. Deputy CTO Alberto Ripepi will be charged with overseeing all networks, while Vodafone UK CTO Scott Petty will be responsible for the digital and services arms of the business. Both will report to group CTO Johan Wibergh.

This move is a part of Vodafone’s ongoing strategy to standardise processes and infrastructure across the company. This, the group believes, will make scaling more straightforward and bring economies of scale across the business.

The company is set to roll out 5G-based edge computing service in the UK and Germany this year, and this restructure should help in that effort. 

Elsewhere, Vodafone has started shutting down its 3G network in Italy. The operator has told customers that the move will improve “the quality, efficiency and sustainability of the GigaNetwork.” 

The 3G network is set to be fully shut down by the end of February.

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