SK Broadband deploys NAGRA watermarking solution for Android TV app

Content protection firm NAGRA has announced a partnership with leading South Korean telco SK Broadband.

The deal will see the operator utilise NAGRA’s NexGuard forensic watermarking tech to protect its content on a wide range of IPTV STBs.

The NexGuard Pay TV solution promises to protect premium content investments and, in the event of a breach, enable the operator to trace any illicit recording or sharing of content from its BTV service and identify the set-top box from which it originated.

The product is the most-widely deployed forensic watermarking solution in the region and is designed to cover premium pay TV services delivered via a set-top box, including 4K Ultra HD, premium VOD, and live sports content. It works by embedding a subscriber-specific forensic watermark in a managed pay TV client device, and for SK Broadband is integrated as a part of its app for Android TV.

SangBum Lee, VP of SK Broadband, said: “We selected NAGRA’s forensic watermarking solution for set-top boxes because it enables us to meet content owner requirements for the protection of premium content, including 4K, and insert an invisible watermark without affecting video quality. What’s more, NAGRA’s local presence along with their proximity to the studios through their Los Angeles-based teams, were all strong considerations in our selection.”

Stéphane Le Dréau, SVP Sales APAC, at NAGRA, said:  “With the increased availability of premium 4K content also comes increased risk for piracy and content leaks which tempers content owners’ willingness to deliver premium content into the market. NAGRA’s NexGuard forensic watermarking solution is a leading product in the fight against piracy and we welcome SK Broadband into this active anti-piracy community.”

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