GO Malta taps Divitel for mesh WiFi

Technology outfit Divitel has deployed a managed mesh Wi-Fi system for service provider GO in Malta.

GO has invested heavily in the TrueFibre network, a fibre-powered infrastructure that offers broadband speeds up to 1 Gbps.

However, according to Divitel, due to a number of factors like higher population density with multiple devices that interfere with each other and long squarish-shaped house design, customers have not experienced the full capability of this network on their device, leading to telephone calls to customer services about bad in-home connectivity, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis.

In partnership with Divitel, GO has now launched GO Smart Wi-Fi, which guarantees top speed broadband in every part of the home.

Divital said it assisted in choosing the best technical solution for GO’s specific situation and helped build the business case for the recommended solution from AirTies, based a combination of hardware and software specifically developed for operators to optimise WiFi OTT and IPTV video delivery.

Divitel also advised on the deployment strategy, providing several pilot sets, and trained GO’s operational teams for implementation and use of the solution

According to Divitel, its implementation meant that GO was able to launch its new product within three months after the first pilot.

“We are committed to offer the best customer experience on the island, from the decision to try, all the way through to installation, and Divitel has helped us get this done quickly and smoothly,” said Antonio Ivancovic, chief commercial officer, GO.

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