TF1 extends partnership with Orange to cover targeted ads and premium ad-free on-demand

French commercial broadcaster TF1 has extended its partnership with Orange through two new agreements covering targeted advertising and enhanced digital services.

The targeted advertising deal, which comes into force in January, will see the broadcaster’s advertising arm, TF1 PUB, offer its clients targeted advertising campaigns on its linear channel across Orange’s base of TV customers, with the latter’s opt-in consent.

Gilles Pélisson

According to TF1, the agreement will enable advertisers to see the quality and attractiveness of the content of the group’s channels thanks to the precision and granularity of targeting.

The broadcaster said the move would enable advertisers to reinforce the efficacy of their campaigns via segmentation of national, regional and local data.

The second agreement, which comes into force in September 2021, will see a new enhanced TV offering, MYTF1 Pass, made available to Orange TV customers as part of an extended distribution agreement between the pair.

The agreement will cover both the carriage of TF1’s over-the-air digital-terrestrial and thematic channels and non-linear services MYTF1 and TFOUMAX.

Orange TV customers will have access, across screens, to new features and functionality and an enlarged offering of UHD TV content.

MYTF1 Pass will, according to TF1, launch in September 2021 a s a complement to the group’s classic catch-up offering. The service will provide a premium catch-up offering featuring ad-free programming.

“I am delighted with these new agreements with Orange Group that reinforce the historic ties between our two enterprises and constitute the context of international audiovisual competition, an ambitious national response to the benefit of the public and our advertising partners,” said Gilles Péllison, CEO of TF1 Group.

“We are delighted with this agreement, which marks a supplementary stage in the relationship between Orange and TF1 Group. Targeted advertising is an important driver of relevant recommendations for our customers and the creation of value for our two enterprises. Our subscribers will also be able to benefit equally from innovative functionality such as 4K UHD and the new MYTF! Pass service. Thanks to the programmes and services of TF1 Group cu[led with Orange’s best-in-class network, we remain steadfast in our ambition: to bring all our customers the best of digital services,” said Fabienne Dulac, deputy CEO of Orange France.

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