SFR launches voice-activated speaker targeting Box+TV customers

Altice France/SFR is launching a voice-activated connected speaker follow up from its SFR Box 8 launch and its Box+TV offer. The service provider has teamed up with tech outfits Devialet and Sagemcom, whose respective technologies also underpin a similar product recently launched by Vodafone España.

The SFR hardware product will be available in two versions – SFR HomeSound and SFR HomeSound Premium.

Like the Vodafone product launched in Spain last week, SFR HomeSound leans on Devialet’s proprietary SAM, SPACE and AVL technologies to give a complete sound experience. The SFR HomeSound offering includes three multidirectional speakers, while the premium version includes up to five.

HomeSound also integrates two intelligent voice assistants – SFR’s own OK SFR service and Amazon Alexa, enabling subscribers to control volume, audio sources and ambiance while listening to music, as well as to control connected devices through OK SFR, such as controlling the lighting as well as other equipment in the SFR Connected Home pack.

As well as the wide range of services available through Amazon Alexa, the HomeSound also enables subscribers to have a wireless home cinema experience through the SFR Box 8. The OK SFR voice assistant also enables them to control the TV, changing channel, pausing or searching for content, for example.

The operator is launching three commercial propositions, all either for purchse without a contract or for a monthly fee.

For €5 a month or €169, users get one SFR HomeSound device, while two units for stereo are available for €10 for €338. Also for €10 – or €349 – users can purchase an SFR HomeSound Premium speaker.

“SFR continues to accompany its customers across the digital value chain so that they benefit from an optimal user experience, delivered thanks to our ultra-fast networks. The la,unch of the SFR HomeSound speakers, tapping the acoustic expertise of Devialet, demonstrates once again our desire to offer our customers the best experience possible and to make it accessible to the greatest possible number,” said Grégory Rabuel, CEO of SFR.

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