CommScope launches new DAA tech

In a continuing trend towards 10G, CommScope has announced the launch of three new solutions which utilise the latest Remote PHY (R-PHY) and MACPHY Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) technologies.

The new products, CommScope said, will give operators a new range of choices for realising the advantages of DAA in both traditional segmented and fibre-deep architectures.

These come in the form of updated versions of the E6000n Remote PHY Devices (RPDs), the E6000n RD1322 RPD initially released last year, and a new E6000n RD2322 RxD. All three are said to leverage operators’ installed base of fiber nodes as the foundation for driving processing power closer to the customer premises.

CommScope said that the advantages include better operational efficiencies, simplified headend operations, and a clearer path to virtualisation.

Speaking to Digital TV Europe, CommScope engineering fellow and one of the original DOCSIS authors, said that the company is focused on “10G goals and how we’re going to get there” and that “a lot of the work we’ve been doing is in DAA.”

That work has manifested in these new products with the RD2322 2×2 RxD providing users the flexibility to operate in both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY configuration. This allows operators  to choose either architecture and enables those who deploy in Remote PHY to make a “seamless transition” to Remote MACPHY via software and configuration changes.

Elsewhere, the new E6000r High Density (HD) R-PHY Shelf is said to “supplement the portfolio” as a 1RU headend and hub-site offering that can host up to eight RPDs, for quickly increasing service group density and extending digital fibre networks. Ulm similarly told DTVE, that “there’s been a lot of focus on virtualising on the headend.”

The final addition is a new variant on the E6000n Remote PHY Device – the OM6-RPD-112 that can support 1×2 operation in the OM6000 fibre node. This doubles the available upstream service group density to serve more subscribers with higher service tiers.

Kevin Keefe, senior vice president and segment leader, Broadband Networks, CommScope, added: “Our updated DAA portfolio highlights the range of choice that CommScope affords our operator customers. The RD2322 is a great example, giving operators the flexibility to deploy in either Remote PHY or Remote MACPHY architectures. Similarly, the HD Remote PHY Shelf enables a new level of density for the headend and the hub site.

“Whether it’s Remote PHY or Remote MACPHY, we have a solution to suit each operator’s unique vision and architecture.”

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