Youfone launches Android TV-based service with Amino

Dutch mobile service provider Youfone has launched what it describes as the first Android TV operator tier service in the Netherlands, with support from technology partners Amino and 24i.

The service, which has been available since August 3, provides Youfone customers with an integrated OTT, video-on-demand and live TV offering for TVs and mobile devices.

The Youfone service is based on the 24i Video Experience Platform and Amino set-top boxes, enabling the Dutch MVNO to renew and expand the reach of its TV offering.

Donald McGarva

Built from the 24i Video Experience Platform, Amino 7x Android set-top boxes, and Amino OS, the Youfone service is the first iteration of a joint 24i and Amino cloud-based solution that supports video delivery from any source to any device.

Youfone had initially launched a TV service in 2017 using a platform provided by Huawei but turned to 24i and Amino to develop a next-generation service last year.

24i and Amino are providing set-top hardware, service management, a backend and user interface. The functionality includes transcoding, middleware, CDN, and frontend applications for Android, iOS mobile phones and tablets.

The service offers live TV, catch-up, restart and network DVR for about 100 channels. It is the first joint deployment announced since 24i was acquired by Amino Technologies in July 2019.
The deployment gives Youfone the ability to deliver local or hosted live and on-demand streaming on both Linux and Android TV devices. The hardware runs on AminoOS, fully managed by Amino SM Engage, Amino’s cloud-based service management platform.
The service is based a hybrid cloud deployment, which utilises on-premise private cloud services for 24/7 headend services.

The deployment provides Youfone with modular service components, spanning content ingest, infrastructure, capacity load, API and frontend monitoring, to change management and third-party support, according to the partners.

“The unique strength, flexibility and features of the integrated solution of 24i and Amino means that Youfone has been able to launch the first Android TV operator tier service in the Netherlands in just five months, instead of having to go through a large development project of a year or more. if we had taken a different route,” said Valentijn Rensing, CEO of Youfone.
“A crucial advantage of the 24i and Amino solution is that it is truly end-to-end. It includes all the functions we need: content ingest, encoding and transcoding, management, customer care, content distribution, all the necessary software from frontend to backend, and even the set-top boxes our customers use.”

Donald McGarva, Amino Group CEO, said: “The innovative solutions from 24i and Amino, combined with the expertise of our teams, allow Youfone to launch an Android TV service powered by the 24i Video Experience Platform and replace their existing set-top boxes with advanced Amino 7x devices. Traditionally, developing an advanced, integrated OTT, VoD and Live TV service takes a year or more and would be technically very challenging. Before the 24i Video Experience Platform (VEP), providers like Youfone were forced to choose from extremely expensive, over-advanced systems from one vendor or immature systems with missing functionality from one vendor, or from the complications, delays and risks associated with a solution provided by various suppliers. The fact that we got the first major Android TV operator tier service up and running for Youfone in the Netherlands so quickly proves that VEP is the ideal solution in today’s market demands for multiscreen services.”

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