AVODs emerging as preferred consumption method of CTV viewers

The vast majority of connected TV (CTV) users are watching ad-supported content.

According to a survey of 1,500 US consumers by SpotX and research firm Mintel, a growing number of users are more receptive towards streaming content via CTVs, with 40% of the country’s adults now streaming content directly through their TV sets and 80% of those watching ad-supported platforms such as ViacomCBS’s Pluto TV which are integrated into their TV’s EPG.

A further 60% expressed a preference for free, ad-supported content over an paid ad-free service.

There is no one clear demographic of CTV streamers, with the report noting that the audience is extremely diverse and includes all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and family compositions. The median age of US CTV viewers is 45 years old, it said.

CTV viewers are also highly engaged, with over 60% watching every day for an average of three hours, with drama, comedy, news and sports content being the most-watched.

What can be said for demographics though is that CTV viewers are largely affluent, with 42% of CTV households earning more than US$75,000 per year.

Though AVODs are becoming increasingly popular, 85% of CTV viewers do own a paid subscription to a streaming service, paying on average between US$4-29 per month.

Sean Buckley, chief operating officer at SpotX, said: “Growth in CTV has accelerated in recent years, both in terms of adoption and viewership, driven primarily by consumer demand and the entrance of new streaming services into the market. With over three-quarters of US households now accessing CTV, advertisers are increasingly recognizing its power to efficiently and accurately reach target audiences at scale.”

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