Digital TV Europe to host webinar on global TV platform development

Digital TV Europe is partnering with Vewd to host a webinar examining what operators can do to develop and grow a global TV platform.

On Tuesday, May 12 at 3pm BST, join Stuart Thomson, editor of Digital TV Europe in discussion with Tudor Teusan, Senior Product Manager at Vewd and Mattijs de Valk, Director of Strategic Content Partnerships, Vewd.

Smart TVs need to continuously evolve to provide a state-of-the-art viewing experience for consumers while adhering to fragmented broadcast standards, differing hybrid TV specifications and localized content offerings. Learn how Vewd’s investment in R&D and reputation for innovation provides a ready-to-go platform that integrates Broadcast & OTT content with a cloud generated user experience, allied to an existing supply chain, to advance the TV from a one-way appliance to an interactive portal connected to the world.

To remain competitive, TV manufacturers need to provide the right mix of screen sizes, resolutions and beautiful design, but they also need to:

  • Meet differing regional and brand requirements around the world
  • Minimize costly platform fragmentation
  • Manage configuration from broadcast standard selection through UX design to content offering
  • Maximize re-use of expensively developed platforms

Tudor Teusan, Senior Product Manager, Vewd
Mattijs de Valk, Director of Strategic Content Partnerships, Vewd

Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe

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