MediaKind launches Aquila Broadcast

Technology provider MediaKind has launched Aquila Broadcast, a new IP software-based processing platform to enable broadcasters and operators to make the transition from appliance-based platforms to all-IP media delivery.

Powered by software-based video compression, control and stream processing, Aquila Broadcast provides video resolutions up to UHD with HDR support, and also offers codec support and bandwidth savings, according to the company. Aquila Broadcast supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC video codecs.

The platform is designed to meet the growing demand for delivering live content while maintaining control of satellite capacity costs. MediaKind says it has developed Aquila Broadcast to ensure compatibility across all-IP technologies and standards, increased transponder density whilst retaining video quality. It is deployable as an appliance or as pure software, with the ability to support on-premise and cloud-based implementations.

Aquila Broadcast combines a number of MediaKind consumer delivery products, including Encoding Live, Stream Processor and nCompass control.

Stuart Boorn, VP, product management, MediaKind, said: “With Aquila Broadcast, we are combining market-leading picture quality and efficiency with operational simplicity and flexible deployment, enabling our customers to make the transition from appliance-based broadcasting to the cloud while also considering the speed and time that best suits their business needs.”

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