Portuguese regulator suspends 700MHz clearance on Coronavirus fears

Portuguese telecom regulator ANACOM has suspended the migration of the country’s digital-terrestrial network to make way for 5G telecom service over the Coronavirus threat.

The move comes after consultation between the regulator and telecom operator Meo, which is responsible for the technical implementation of the migration of the service, clearing the 700MHz band to make way for 5G mobile services.

ANACOM said that Meo was encountering difficulty implementing the changes due to the impact of Portugal’s civil protection and public health measures.

The suspension of the move to clear the 700MHz band and relocate services to alternative frequencies means that the deadline of June 30 set for completion of the project will not now be met.

Relations between ANACOM and Altice-owned Meo have at times been difficult with the pair previously coming to blows over the timing and phasing of the 700MHz project. Meo had previously described the the timetable presented by the regulator as “unrealistic and impossible to meet”.

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