Albania’s TiBO taps Verimatrix for SaaS-based content security

Albanian IPTV and OTT service provider TiBO has deployed technology from content security specialist Verimatrix to protect its content via a software-as-a-service model.

TiBO has deployed Verimatrix Multi-DRM via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud to protect premium content.

Using a cloud-based SaaS model, the Verimatrix Multi-DRM solution has enabled TiBO to simploify its operations, according to the company. It is also supported by pre-integrations with ecosystem partners including middleware provider Magoware, which is providing TiBO with its platform.

According to Verimatrix, TiBO’s costs are further reduced by a simple HLS-only streaming format which allows content to be encoded and encrypted just once.

TiBO also plans to extend OTT distribution to smart TVs, as well as tap into watermarking and analytic capabilities.

“Because video content offered in Albanian language is highly sought after by pirates, it is more challenging to receive approval from studios to distribute their content in the region without a strong reputation for keeping content protected, Verimatrix is able to offer us the complete package – the DRM capabilities we need, delivered via a simple and secure cloud infrastructure, underscored by its proven ability to maximize revenue for video service providers in Albania and across the world,” said Adnand Mahmuti, CEO at TiBO.

This cloud-based Verimatrix Multi-DRM deployment truly checks all of the boxes for TiBO with simplicity at the core. Because the security framework will adapt to studio-required changes in security regime, TiBO – and the studios issuing premium content – can rest assured they will always be a step ahead of pirates,” said Verimatrix Chief Operating Officer Asaf Ashkenazi.

Separately, Verimatrix has said that, one of Indonesia’s largest OTT services, is using its Multi-DRM SaaS solution.

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