Android TV market to be worth US$231 billion by 2026

The Android TV market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% between 2019-26, with the market predicted to be worth US$231 billion by 2026. 

The figures come from a new study by Acumen Research and Consulting.

The study found that North America was, and will continue to be, the largest market for Android TV due to its high individual purchasing power.

The 46- to 55-inch screen size segment is likely to dominate the market with consumers most concerned about image quality. A preference for 4K UHD has meant that consumers are increasingly looking for larger screens, with 4K technology unable to fully deliver on smaller screens.

As such, the 4K UHD segment is expected to achieve significant growth, with reduced costs being cited as a key reason for this.

The report also says that UHD is now the standard resolution for TVs larger than 40-inches.

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