YouVue launches 3D video sharing platform

YouVue has launched a 3D sharing platform that it says is the “first-of-its kind”.

With stakeholders including Bill Gates, Intellectual Ventures and Airbus, YouVue promises to stream “lifelike, photorealistic experiences” from any 3D media source to everyday mobile devices.

Joe Mikhail, CEO of YouVue, said: “All solutions to date have been housed in closed ecosystems. YouVue unlocks the potential of AR/VR by making premium 3D media accessible and freely available to everyone no matter what device you are using, including the smartphones in your hands.”

The company says that immersive 3D content is growing in volume at 25% annually and is betting on its potential to impact peoples personal and professional lives. 

Conrad Burke, vice president of New Ventures, ISF Incubator at Intellectual Ventures said: “As the pace of innovation in 3D picks up, the industry will continue to face technical hurdles to actually delivering 3D experiences outside of controlled environments and into mainstream applications.

“While the world’s content producers – and consumers alike – anticipate the exciting opportunities for lifelike 3D experiences on virtually any device, it takes visionaries like Joe Mikhail and the team at YouVue to solve the hard tech problems and bring these concepts to life.”

Before founding YouVue as CEO, Mikhail was the chief revenue officer at Meta, a leader in augmented reality. He joined Meta from Lenovo, where he served as the head of worldwide open innovation.

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