NTV+ revamps sports line-up

Russian pay TV operator NTV+ is revamping its sports line-up with the launch of a new European sports package, an extended premium Supersport offering and the discontinuation of the Supersport Premium package. 

The pay TV operator is launching a new Euro Sport package featuring 10 channels covering the main world competitions in tennis, hockey, basketball, and extreme sports. The package comprises M1 Global, Eurosports 1 HD, Extreme Sports, Eurosport 2 HD, KHL TV, KHLTV and KHL TV HD, Fightbox HD, Basketball World, Fast’n’Funbox HD and Equestrian World HD for RUB199 a month. 

The Supersport package will now feature 10 Match-branded channels: Match! Strana, Match! HD, March! Rena HD, Match! Planeta, Match! Boyets, Match! Igra HD, Match! Futbol 1 HD, Match! futbol 2 HD, Match Premier HD and Match Futbol 3 HD for RUB599. 

At the same time, NTV+ is shutting down its Supersport Premium offering, allowing subscribers to switch to the extended Suepersport package up to November 30. Behind that date they will be able to watch their existing set of channels for RUB599. 

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