Orange launches operator-branded 5G smartphone

Orange has launched what it describes as the industry’s first operator-branded 5G smartphone in Europe, tested on its 5G networks for early adopters. 

The Neva Jet smartphone will initially be available on existing networks 3G and 4G networks in select markets, starting with Poland. It will then be available on Orange’s commercial 5G networks across Europe as they go live, starting with Romania in 2019 and followed by its other European markets in 2020.

Orange has also launched a new range of Orange branded smartphones across six European markets including France, Spain, Romania, Poland, Slovakia and Moldova that Orange is present in. The range includes the Neva start, Neva play, Neva zen and Neva link, available on existing networks. Further own-branded 5G smartphones will be added to the range in 2020.

The smartphone has been an integral part of the recent 5G trials in Poland, allowing consumers to experience the future of what 5G will deliver in 2020, according to Orange. Customers in Poland will be able to purchase the Neva Jet on existing networks by the end of the year. The Neva Jet will also be available on Orange Romania’s 5G network by the end of 2019.

The Neva Jet’s has a 6.47 inch borderless screen with full HD definition; device-integrated artificial intelligence to manage files, photos and more; facial recognition and in-display fingerprint and a triple camera comprising a 48MP wide-angle, 20MP ultrawide-angle and 8MP telephoto lens. The smartphone will use Android Pie OS software.

The operators said that the device would deliver all the benefits of 5G including services like Virtual Reality, real-time video streaming and gaming. 

The phone comes with the Orange Experience, allowing customers to tailor the content  thanks to the Livescreen feature that aggregates various streaming, news and entertainment partners. The Orange Experience enables the Orange App Center to make recommendations for relevant apps including access to Orange apps such as  Orange TV. 

Philippe Lucas, SVP, customer equipment and partnerships at Orange, said: “As we gear up to launch our 5G networks in 2020, the Orange Neva jet is testimony to our long-held promise to deliver the very best innovation and technology. This is the start of that journey as we prepare customers for the arrival of 5G.”

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