Wyplay teams up with SmarDTV for Android TV

Technology provider Wyplay and content security specialist SmarDTV Global have teamed up to build pre-integrated Android TV platforms for OTT, cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV platform operators.

The pair’s offering includes Android TV Set-Top Boxes pre-integrated with TV middleware and an Android TV Operator Tier custom launcher as well as back-end software components .

SmarDTV Global has designed a hybrid DVB-OTT STB based on a new chip from Telechips that it says will provide enhanced certified security for operator content with an OTT platform powered by Amlogic.

Wyplay is bringing Premium, its custom launcher, to the partnership. The hybrid STB includes the Wyplay Frog middleware to address all DVB standards and to support the major conditional access systems, according to the company.

Wyplay is providing back-end components including Apps Manager, a cloud-based solution to manage applications life cycle, UX Manager, a real time content, advertising and UX management platform and Analytics Manage, a UX and devices analytics platform to capture. Other components are also available covering Voice Asssitant and Multiprofile management Wyplay will customize and integrate with the operator’s platform and content provider’s headend. SmarDTV Global will act as the Prime Contractor, bringing a complete AndroidTV box solution to the operator and managing the partners, including Wyplay for customization and deployments.

SmarDTV AndroidTV set-tops, integrating Wyplay, will be demonstrated at the forthcoming APAC Android TV Summit in Bangkok.
“With more than six million of devices deployed per year, SmarDTV Global is a worldwide leader. For most of its customers, SmarDTV Global is providing a complete solution including hardware and software. Our combined offering is the perfect match to address cost effective projects in a short time to market” said Dominique Feral, EVP sales and marketing at Wyplay.

“SmarDTV Global wanted to offer an off the shelf end-to-end AndroidTV solution to get optimum time to market. Wyplay is an internationally recognized TV software company and managing the most demanding Tier1 operators. Their end to end Android TV solutions already seduced key TV operators wordwide. Wyplay and SmarDTV Global have common experiences, working with the same customers, and we are convinced these experience and combination of products bring value to our customers,” said Guillaume Reillon, VP products and marketing at SmarDTV Global.

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