UHD Spain announces launch and pre-registration

The UHD Spain association is to launch on November 8 to coincide with the 4K-HDR Summit and the Málaga 4K-Fest.

UHD Spain is a not-for-profit association. It will be based at the Digital Content Hub in Malaga and will be open to companies and professionals interested in the development of Ultra High Definition in Spain. Its Spanish launch follows the rollout of the body in Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy.

Membership to the association will be €1,500 per year for companies (founding members) or €150 per year for professionals (collaborating members).

The modality of founding partners is designed for main companies, manufacturers, producers, studios, etc. that participate in any link in the chain of Ultra High Definition in Spain.

The body says that Malaga was chosen as the headquarters based on the link that the capital of the Costa del Sol has had for years with the 4K through the 4K-HDR Summit, and now also with the Málaga 4K Fest, in which 517 short films from 47 countries have participated. UHD Spain will hold its meetings in Madrid and other Spanish cities. 

Pre-registration to the UHD Spain Association is now open.

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