Stofa to provide content to Nord Energi customers as OpenNet initiative gains traction

Danish cable operator Stofa, owned by energy group Norlys, has signed a deal with Nord Energi to enable Stofa to provide content and products to customers on the Northern Jutland energy company’s fibre network. 

The move follows a decision by Nord Energi last year to open its fibre network on the OpenNet open access wholesale platform owned by Jutland energy company Eniig,which gives service providers access to participating fibre networks across the country. Other service providers to sign up to offer services to OpenNet networks include Altibox, which joined the initiative last year.

Nord Energi CEO Christian Frost Lauritsen said that the agreement would give the group’s cooperative customers access to internet and TV products that are not available in many other areas of the country, and would help justify the investment the company has made in fibre.

Norlys Digital CEO Sune Nabe Frederiksen said that, as a result of the ability of service providers to access a growing number of fibre networks, competition would improve services available across the country

“Customers will find that more suppliers will offer quality content, which will certainly increase competition. We are looking to a future with open networks, where suppliers are more likely than ever to engage their customers when they have more shelves with attractive products to choose from among internet and TV providers,” he said.

Nord Energi CEO Henrik Møller Nielsen said: “Our intention is unchanged, namely to make the opening of the fibre network a common objective for all fibre companies in Denmark. It is very positive that both large and small players can now make an active choice of a solution that makes sense both for companies and for all consumers who have access to the many possibilities fibre networks offer. And I can assure you that we are working intensively to bring even more fibre industry players into the collaboration. Since our inception, we have managed to get an increasing number of fibre networks and service providers to join via OpenNet’s platform, and this agreement is another important step in that direction.”

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