YouTube announces drastic measures to make verification programme stricter

YouTube has rolled out changes to its verification programme for creators, making it more difficult for channels to receive the verified status, as indicated by a checkmark beside the channel name. 

Previously, the only thing required for verification was for a channel to have more than 100,00 subscribers. However, YouTube has now updated its terms of service to emphasise prominent channels that have a “clear need for proof of authenticity”.

The company defines authenticity as a channel that is owned and operated by the person or company it claims to be, which is fairly straightforward. 

Verification helps to boost channels in the platform’s recommendations system and search results. It also serves as something of a status symbol for more engaged creators, which makes them feel more engaged with the wider YouTube community.

The company has also begun removing verification badges from channels that do not meet the criteria, with the company issuing a statement that it has emailed owners of channels that will lose their verified status with the opportunity to appeal the decision. 

Prominent personalities on the site have taken to Twitter in order to complain about the change, with beauty personality James Charles referring to the decision as “really pointless” and “yet another change not a single person asked for”.

YouTube, which has often come under fire for its relationship with its community, has justified the move as an attempt to more effectively moderate search results and recommendations. 

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