Vodafone taps Nagra for cloud-based content protection

Vodafone has deployed Nagra’s cloud-hosted and cloud-operated security services platform, Nagra cloud.SSP to help protect Vodafone TV services across operating companies, including its units in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Romania, Nagra has revealed.

Nagra said that its Nagra Connect client and player are also being used by Vodafone to complement the end-to-end security solution to enable comprehensive security for Vodafone across set-top boxes, web browsers, open devices and connected TVs.

The announcement marks the first major rollout of Nagra cloud.SSP at scale, supporting a major service provider operating in different countries, the company said. Based on a SaaS model and using a multi-tenant cloud platform, it supports each operator market as a single tenant with secure device authentication and session management features.

“Securing both the content and the service is key to Vodafone and Nagra security solutions are best-in-class. As we continue to roll out VTV to more of our operating countries, we rely on Nagra to ensure that we remain at the forefront of service protection and provide the very best product offering to our consumers,” said Nuno Sanches, Group Head of Fixed Product Development at Vodafone.

“We are delighted that Vodafone has decided to extend our security solutions to all of its operating countries and we will continue to support them as they extend their service even further,” said Thierry Legrand, SVP EMEA at Nagra. “With Nagra cloud.SSP, Vodafone is able to benefit from scalable service protection, ensuring they are fully prepared.”


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