Vewd partners with Arion for HbbTV Op App deployment

Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd

OTT and hybrid TV solution provider Vewd has announced that it is partnering with South Korean set-top box manufacturer Arion on Vewd Core, and HbbTV and Operator App modules on Arion set-top boxes. 

The new agreement will result in the deployment of set-top boxes supporting the new HbbTV Operator App standard throughout Europe.

Arion says that it utilises operator apps to scale its set-top box platform and that once an operator has created an HbbTV Operator App, Arion’s set-top boxes can immediately be deployed within that region.

SH Cho, CTO of Arion said: “Vewd is the global leader in hybrid TV and has played a key role in the global spread of the HbbTV standard. As such, Vewd was the frontrunner when we sought a partner to launch HbbTV Operator Apps. Operator Apps help us efficiently scale across new markets and allow us to address more operators in a standardized way.”

Aneesh Rajaram, CEO, Vewd added: “We’ve been active in the HbbTV Operator App specification since the beginning, going back to our early discussions with the HbbTV Association many years ago. We’re proud to support Arion with their launch of this innovative solution that we know will delight their customers.

“Pay TV is evolving and we see HbbTV Operator Apps opening up new opportunities for operators to drive strong returns to their bottom lines.”

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