Tech4home to demonstrate smart voice remote control solutions at IBC 2019

Remote control manufacturer Tech4home is to showcase its latest Smart Voice Remote at IBC 2019.

In addition, the company will also present the latest additions to its Notus RCU Family Series which come with a new design and voice feature integration. 

Smart Voice Remote is a hands-free voice remote control that does not require pressing a microphone button but relies on voice interaction instead.

Designed as an alternative to more expensive smart speakers, the remote control unit is fully compatible with existing voice remote systems and is triggered by one or more predefined keywords. 

Miguel Oliveira, CEO at Tech4home, said: “We are very proud to be one of the first providers that offers this solution integrated with Android TV. That gives users the possibility to talk to their smart TV like they are used to talk to other voice controlled solutions they already use. From now on, they can leave their remote on the coffee table while zapping through their favourite TV programmes”, 

At the event, Tech4home will also showcase three additions to their Notus Family Series of remote controls. All three models feature voice integration with Google Android or any other voice control system like Alexa or Google voice assistant and are designed for specific use cases and user requirements. 

The new Notus L comes with 38 keys and offers a new key layout which provides four specific shortcuts and can be tailored to the customer’s needs. The additional shortcut buttons on the unit are fully customizable and can each be assigned to a specific service. By simply pressing a button, users can access and switch between services such as YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix or HBO Now. 

The Notus M is designed for operators and end users that desire a simplified remote control, with the unit only featuring 28 keys.

The last addition is the Notus S, designed with gamers in mind. With 20 keys, it allows users to play games offered by their TV service provider using their remote control. The RCU can be used like a gaming pad in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Miguel Oliveira concluded: “Our new Notus models provide the same reliability and ease of use of the existing range of Notus products but are tailored to the needs of different types of users and use cases. As with all Tech4home products, we attached great importance to the design – for more comfort and an impeccable look and feel.”

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