OBS teams with Nagra and Broadcom for DVB Android extension

Tor Helge Kristiansen, VP technology at Nagra

Ocean Blue Software (OBS) has partnered with Nagra and Broadcom, to extend the DVB in Android integration as required to support Nagra conditional access.

OBS says that this collaboration will improve on the increased time-to-market strengths of Android TV while enabling premium-grade security for Android TV in full compliance with Google MediaCas framework.

This effectively means that an OEM can bring a fully-secured STB product to market by the simple addition of an application, with the solution building on the existing multi-standard DVB TV Input service (TIS).

The DTVKit Android DVB integration is also modified to enable the decryption, decode, and display of the scrambled content to be managed by the Android Media Framework.

Phil Evans, MD of DTVKit, said: “At DTVKit, we are great believers in collaboration to enable innovation, lower costs and accelerate time to market. This solution will significantly reduce the time to market for successful Operator deployments using Android TV.”

Paul Martin, CEO of OBS, added: “The combination of OBS’ DVB Android integration donated to DTVKit, with Nagra’s Conditional Access, and Broadcom’s silicon platform, allows manufacturers to get to market in the shortest time with the lowest resource.”

Tor Helge Kristiansen, VP technology at Nagra, said: “Nagra is continually looking for new ways to help operators achieve an accelerated time to market and provide them with scalable service protection. We’re pleased to be working with OBS and Broadcom to bring our security clients to market in conjunction with DTVKit to those operators using Android TV.”

Paul Cox, senior engineering director at Broadcom, said: “Broadcom remains committed to delivering the highest level of Set Top Box SoC security in the industry. This collaboration between Broadcom, DTVKit, OBS and Nagra, building on Google’s latest AndroidTV MediaCAS framework, provides a feature-rich and secure platform for delivering Operator-quality Pay-TV to subscribers.”

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