Anevia and Nvidia partner for low-cost UHD processing

Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge

OTT and IPTV software solutions provider Anevia has announced a partnership with Nvidia focusing on UHD HDR processing. 

Anevia’s Genova video compression encoders are now optimised to work with Nvidia T4 GPUs, with the company boasting that this will enable OTT service providers “to deliver programmes in higher video quality without a commensurate increase in costs”.

The Linux-based Anevia Geonva HD video encoders are designed to be deployed across private and public IP networks.

Jerome Blanc, EVP of compression products at Anevia said: “This new development secures Genova as one of the most powerful ranges of video encoders in the OTT business – not just for SD and HD channels, but for the rapidly expanding world of UHD HDR.

“We have been working with Nvidia to integrate its latest-generation T4, which is one of the most recent graphics processing units on the market. 4K needs huge computing resources, which T4 acceleration now makes more affordable.”

Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge added: “Television display standards have advanced dramatically since the days of 525-line and 625-line standard definition. 

“Each evolutionary stage represents a major challenge for terrestrial, satellite and OTT network operators alike. Our role is to turn these challenges into opportunities so that our customers can deliver the increased video quality their viewers appreciate as they invest in ever higher-quality display devices. 

“This latest progression in the performance of the Genova encoders reflects very well on the skill and experience of both our technical development team, and solutions partners such as Nvidia.”

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