Eluvio launches Content Fabric with MGM Studios as key partner

Michelle Munson, CEO of Eluvio

Eluvio has announced the launch of a new software platform.

Eluvio Content Fabric is a new platform for content owners to manage and distribute premium video to customers and business partners without CDNs.

The company says that the platform will enable content owners to deliver “ultra-low latency, high quality video content – and reduce their reliance on complex and costly transcoding services, cloud storage providers, and aggregators”.

The architecture was created by a team led by Aspera founders Michelle Munson and Serban Simu. The pair were also the inventors of the FASP fast file transport protocol. 

Eluvio Content Fabric is a global software overlay network. It enables just-in-time video distribution directly from the source (stream or file), and it is designed to eliminate the need to create additional copies of files used in distribution networks or storage facilities.

The company says that it is working with multiple content providers in order to improve the platform’s features, with MGM Studios being cited as a “premier public customer”.

Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio said: “The economics of today’s video ecosystem is defined and hampered by yesterday’s technologies, and we aim to change that.

“The Eluvio Content Fabric enables content owners to manage and distribute video and large form content in ways never before possible, opening publishers to more direct monetisation opportunities, and reducing costs by minimising core bandwidth and storage, and radically streamlining the traditional media distribution workflow.”

Jim Crosby, senior vice president of digital at MGM Studio added: “At MGM, we’re constantly looking for new technology that can improve both our operations and the consumer experience.

“The deployment of the Eluvio Content Fabric started as an experiment to test this promising new technology, and it has exceeded expectations. It has delivered ultra-fast video loading, high quality playback, and a cost-efficient solution eliminating separate aggregation, transcoding and CDN services – and with its blockchain, provides us the ability to transact business directly on the content. We look forward to more to come with Eluvio.”

The Eluvio Content Fabric will be showcased at IBC 2019 in Hall 1, balcony suites BS8 and BS9

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