Viaccess-Orca teams with Zodiac Systems for advanced TV to legacy boxes

TV technology outfit  Viaccess-Orca (VO) has teamed up with Zodiac Systems, a specialist in cloud and device video service-delivery software, to offer a joint solution for TV operators to deploy VO’s cloud-hosted TVaaS and Service Delivery Platform (SDP) with existing legacy set-top boxes.

According to VO, the Zodiac Stack device software and Matrix cloud integration platform support both legacy and next-generation environments, enabling service providers to rapidly deliver content on multiple screens.

With the jointly designed solution, any set-top, whether IPTV, hybrid, cable or, can be connected to VO’s SDP and TVaaS offering.

The Zodiac Stack currently supports over 150 box models. VO says that the solution also acts as a cloud integration platform for any existing CAS/DRM or any other BSS/OSS system, enabling service providers to retain their existing third-party vendor ecosystem once integrated with Zodiac Matrix.

According to VO, the Zodiac Stack device software and Matrix cloud integration platform can be used on any box, no matter how old, with 10 year-old boxes having successfully been integrated with VO’s TV platform

“The combined VO and Zodiac solution simplifies back-end migrations, allowing operators to provide a blend of services across STBs, smoothly handling the transition between existing backends and the SDP, whether on-premises or cloud-hosted. By enabling computational off-loading into the cloud, the solution opens up the possibility of launching new services on lower-end devices, which is an exciting opportunity for service providers,” said Derek Harrar, CEO at Zodiac Systems.

“The jointly developed solution delivers an unprecedented value proposition for operators, helping them reduce churn by enhancing the user experience across the entire installed base of legacy STBs. Now, they can also easily launch attractive new services offered by VO’s TV platform, including browser-based applications and popular OTT services. By extending the lifespan of the STBs, our solution helps operators maximize ROI and reduce support costs while providing uniform consistency across the installed base of devices,” said Pierre-Alexandre Bidard, VP, marketing security and partnerships at VO.

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