Media Distillery signs Eutelsat up for new global cloud AI platform

Artificial intelligence specialist Media Distillery has launched a global cloud-based AI platform aimed at delivering  an enhanced on-demand experience on a large scale to broadcasters and TV operators, with Eutelsat as its first customer.

Media Distillery’s AI technology uses the company’s Deep Content Understanding technology to analyse audiovisual content in real-time at scale to provide advanced metadata, including faces, speech, topics, logos and text recognition, that can enable players in the TV industry to deliver enhanced user experiences and make content easier to discover and watch across all platforms., according to the company.

Satellite operator Eutelsat is the first partner for the cloud platform. The company will use the technology to enhance its Cirrus hybrid satellite-OTT platform.

Eutelsat is tapping Media Distillery’s technology to enhance theEutelsat Cirrus platform’s startover/replay capabilities. Using real-time analysis across multiple channels, EPG Correction from Media Distillery provides automatic adjustments to update the actual start and end time of television programmes as they are broadcast, so that users can navigate programmes.

“We were looking for ways to be able to offer outstanding services to our customers. We are confident that our partnership with Media Distillery will bring us many essential products that we want to include on our Eutelsat Cirrus platform, to make sure our customers can offer the best possible viewing experience for catch-up and replay. Initially, Media Distillery’s AI solution enables us to offer accurate start times in our OTT platform on a large scale and in real-time, with a cloud platform that results in a short time to market,” said Bruno Cattan, director of new applications at Eutelsat.

“Enabling TV players such as OTT services to provide enhanced services and superior user experience is essential for them to remain competitive. And for the first time using our solution via a global cloud AI-based platform will allow Eutelsat to scale up their offer globally at a fast pace and unrivalled innovation level,” said Roland Sars, the CEO of Media Distillery.

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