FTTH passes nine million mark in Spain

The number of FTTH lines in Spain passed the nine million mark in May, according to figures released by regulator the CNMC.

According to the watchdog, 148,000 new lines were added in May, contributing to year-on-year growth of 1.8 million.

Over the same period, DSL lines declined by 1.3 million.

Telefónica/Movistar has a 44.4% share of the FTTH footprint, with 4.1 million lines.

MásMóvil added 41,500 broadband connections in May, making it the biggest growth story of the month in terms of the overall broadband market. Over the same period, Movistar added 900 connections net, while Orange lost 1,600 and Vodafone lost 21,600.

In terms of market share, Movistar ended the month with a 40% share, compared with 26.5% for Orange, 21.3% for Vodafone and 7.9% for Másmóvil.

Movistar had 4.109 million FTTH connections at the end of the month, compared with 4.156 million for other providers. The company also had 1.862 DSL connections, compared with 1.522 million for other providers.

HFC cable broadband connections amounted to  2.308 million, down from 2.497 million a year earlier.

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