Fred Kogel appoints Stephan Katzmann to manage finances of new media group

Industry veteran Fred Kogel has appointed Stephan Katzmann to the roll of managing director for projects in the area of finance of his new media group.

Katzmann will be responsible managing the finances of production activities. He will also oversee the creation of a joint license database for the trading activities of the newly-founded media company, which will emerge from the Tele München Group, Universum Film, i&u TV and Wiedemann & Berg Film.

He reports to Group CFO Joachim Scheuenpflug.

Katzmann served as managing director of finance at Sport1 for the past three years, and before that held roles at Constantin, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Xella Group.

The news comes several months after global investment firm KKR acquired Tele München Group and announced plans to form an independent film studio with Universum Film, i&u TV and Wiedemann & Berg Film.

Fred Kogel says: “We are pleased that we have been able to appoint Stephan Katzmann to our team. With his many years of experience and expertise, he will make a valuable contribution to our plan to set up an independent film studio”

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