Atari launches Atari VCS gaming and entertainment platform

Iconic gaming brand Atari has announced the Atari VCS (Video Computer System) home gaming and entertainment platform.

At E3, the company showcased the device which will launch in 800 (8GB RAM) and 400 (4GB RAM) models, with a starting price of US$249.99.

Both models are fully user-upgradeable by easily swapping-in more RAM and expanding storage, and can be purchased in bundles that include an Atari VCS Classic Joystick and VCS Modern Controller.

Atari said that it wants to distance the device from any “retro-box” impressions, by making the platform customisable with the ability to access operating systems such as Windows, Ubuntu and Chrome OS which, in effect, makes it capable of accessing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in addition to gaming.

The Atari VCS official online presale is for products scheduled to start shipping in March 2020 and offers varied hardware configurations, exclusive new designs, and three online retail destinations to choose from.


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