WSJ: Warner streaming platform to cost USD$16-17

HBO Miniseries Chernobyl

The upcoming WarnerMedia streaming platform is likely to cost between US$16-17 (€14-15) per month, claims the Wall Street Journal.

Citing ‘people familiar with the matter’, the report says that while it will cost more than Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video, the value proposition comes from the inclusion of HBO Now and Cinemax in addition to original programming. Those two offerings sell for US$14.99 (€13.38) and up to US$12.99 (€11.59) a month respectively.

However, that single tiered cost could have looked a lot different if Warner Media CEO John Stankey got his way, the report also claims.

Reportedly, Stankey originally was in favour of a three-tiered platform made up of an entry-level option for movies, a middle tier for original programming and blockbusters, and a top tier with Warner Bros. content.

It is expected that this single tier platform will be fully operational as early as March 2020.

One source suggested that WarnerMedia could add an additional premium option further down the line which includes streaming of live events or sports.

It is unclear what the content makeup of that version would be. Further down the road, WarnerMedia could add an additional premium option for people to watch live events or sports, one of the people said.


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