OTT monitoring and compliance to hit US$150 million by 2024

The OTT monitoring and compliance (M&C) market is forecast to reach $149.7 million by 2024, new research has revealed.

According to research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, the OTT M&C market will see a significant growth. The market currently sits at $62.0 million.

The firm points out that there will be increased demand for broadcast-like video quality as content consolidates and viewing expectations rise. Streaming service providers are gaining subscribers as consumers transition from traditional pay TV to OTT services and those subscribers will eventually expect the same video quality.

OTT M&C vendors can fill this need by providing their underlying software platforms,which help improve video quality of service (QOS) over unmanaged networks, to media streaming devices, handsets, tablets, and televisions.

Robert Cavin, industry analyst, Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan said: said”OTT/TV Everywhere (TVE) vendors tend to develop M&C solutions in-house during the R&D phase and then seek third-party vendors to scale up for operations. Companies will also highlight the value of providing high-quality OTT M&C solutions to reduce churn by increasing quality of service. These solutions can be offered both individually and as part of a total OTT solution.”


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