3SS and Media Distillery tie up AI TV deal

Android TV STB software solutions provider 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), and AI specialist Media Distillery, have announced a partnership to launch and co-commercialise a new pre-integrated AI-based end-to-end platform.

The AI-based solution comprises a combination of machine learning methodologies to recognise every visual and audial aspect inside video, including faces, speech, topics, logos and text. This deep content understanding and indexing of what actually makes up an item of video content enables user searches that yield highly diverse and accurate results.

3SS says that Media Distillery’s technology is an “ideal complement” to its 3READY front end and UI/UX solution.

“While it may be easy to search for content, we all know it is not always easy to find it,” said Roland Sars, CEO of Media Distillery.

“With our new joint solution with 3SS, viewers will get much more personal TV experiences, and finding their desired content will be quicker, easier, and more intuitive.”

Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3SS added: “With its AI expertise and innovation, Media Distillery is redefining the potential of content aggregation; it transforms an operator’s ability to really harvest content to get maximum yield, benefitting revenues while enabling great, personalized experiences for subscribers.

“The TV of the future will be both simple and personal, and the combination of Media Distillery and 3READY is making that future possible today.”

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