Bitmax partners with MTonomy for blockchain video

Digital media management and licensing company Bitmax has partnered with blockchain-based digital media rights and content management company MTonomy to license and provide new release content to the latter.

Through this partnership, cryptocurrency users around the world will be able to buy and rent Bitmax’s video content, including movies, documentaries, TV series and digital shorts, directly in cryptocurrency on

Arjun Mendhi

Cryptocurrency users will make payments in Ether,the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain, using cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and Cipher.

In addition to providing digital media licensing services, Bitmax is partnering with MTonomy to bring on board, manage, and audit digital media content. In collaboration with MTonomy, Bitmax is bringing its film partners access to what it describes as a new and rapidly growing audience.

Jim Riley, chief revenue officer, Bitmax, said: “At Bitmax, we are committed to finding the many ways our content partners can monetize their content and reach the widest audiences. MTonomy has pioneered the best-of-its-kind online platform that accepts Ethereum currency, which has opened up a new audience of millions, bringing our filmmakers a new and innovative revenue stream.”

Arjun Mendhi, founder and CEO of MTonomy, said: “With industry-leading expertise and commitment to their content providers, Bitmax is an ideal partner for MTonomy’s digital distribution and rights management platform. We look forward to working to distribute Bitmax content to a growing global market.”

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