KPN launches smart TV app

Dutch telco KPN has launched a smart TV app that will enable subscribers to watch its TV service without the need for a set-top box.

The app provides advanced functions such as pause live TV, restart and DVR.

KPN said that the app would be ideal for viewers wishing to watch its service in rooms without internal cabling for a box.

In addition to other advanced features, the app includes a search function with filtering by genre. KPN said other features would be introduced based on customer feedback.

The app is available for recent models of Samsung smart TVs and can be downloaded from the Samsung app store. KPN said it planned to extend it to other smart TV brands in the future.

Jean-Pascal Van Overbeke, head of consumer marketing at KPN, said that, just as smartphones were increasingly used for functions previously reserved for other devices, so KPN saw a similar development taking place with smart TVs. He said the telco wanted to offer its customers the best possible experience via a smart TV app.

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