Orange Spain tests 400Gbps broadband

Orange España has tested broadband speeds of 400Gbps on its network for the first time. The service provider said that its goal was to guarantee the Quality of Service that will be needed in the coming years with an expected exponential increase in data traffic.

Orange’s Spanish unit is the first in the wider Orange family to test 400Gbps connections and the first in Spain to do so using wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology in real network conditions.

Orange said that the trial represented a big step for the com pany that would enable it to double the capacity of its transport network and prepare for the envisaged growth in traffic over the next few years, as well as preparing for 5GH, which will rely on high-capacity fibre for backhaul.

Orange said the trial demonstrated the potential of offering ultra-high bandwidth fixed-mobile connections and delivering transmission capacity needed for applications such as autonomous vehicles and virtual and augmented reality.

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