Kaltura releases new Cloud TV SDK

Kaltura has unveiled a new version of its Cloud TV Platform SDK, which includes the ability to provide faster, smoother playback on low internet connectivity for mobile devices.

The enhanced SDK now supports HEVC; real-time analytics such as join time, play failures and time spent on the service; and multiple ad solutions, including Facebook Audience Network (FAN) and Google AdManager.

Kaltura said the solution will be particularly relevant in emerging markets that might have slower mobile network connections and will be a major boost for viewing events with high levels of simultaneous viewers.

“The essence of Cloud TV is ensuring that whenever a person wants to watch TV, they simply can, at the highest quality, regardless of the device they choose or their location,” said Shay David, Kaltura’s co-founder, president and general manager of media and telecoms.

“As mobile video consumption continues to grow, we at Kaltura have been working on the state-of-the-art technology behind-the-scenes that makes this possible. At Kaltura, we relentlessly innovate to find new ways to ensure that subscribers, no matter where they might be, enjoy amazing TV service quality. This new generation of our mobile SDK ensures that mobile viewing is a superior experience.”

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