Tele Columbus signs up to deliver fibre in Schleswig-Holstein

German cable operator Tele Columbus, which operates under the PŸUR brand, has signed up for a regional government-supported initiative to develop fibre networks in Schleswig-Holstein.

Tele Columbus HQ

The operator has joined the Bündnis für den Glasfaserausbau, an alliance to promote fibre deployment in the northern German state.

Tele Columbus CEO Timm Degenhardt signed up to the alliance at a meeting with Schleswig-Holstein minister of economic affairs Bern Bucholz. The aim of the initiative so to provide the whole of Schleswig-Holstein with fast fibre connectivity by 2025.

Tele Columbus said it was already deeply involved in the state, providing broadband and cable TV services in the cities of Kiel, Flensburg, Lübeck and Neumünster along with a number of other municipalities. The company’s largest current investment in Schleswig-Holstein is a fibre deployment in the Plön district in eastern part of the state.

The operator is collaborating with the state Zweckverband – a special purpose association of local city governments that covers 46 municipalities in the state – to build its networks. Tele Columbus has built out networks in about half of the 46 municipalities with a plan to complete all of them by the end of this year.

Currently about 39% of Schleswig-Holstein’s homes are passed with FTTH or FTTB networks.

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