Openvault: 2018 broadband use accelerated in Europe and the US

Broadband use accelerated across Europe and the US in 2018 according to research by Openvault, a firm that helps operators to manage their networks by tracking data usage.

Openvault’s end of year 2018 report claims that average broadband use for European households was 168.2 GB per household in 2018, up from 126.2 GB per household at year-end 2017.

US average broadband use in 2018 was 268.7 GB per household compared to 201.6 GB per household at year-end 2017.

The percentage of European ‘power users’ – households using 1TB or more – more than doubled, to 0.7% of all subscribers in 2018 from 0.3% of all subscribers in 2017.

In the US, the percentage of power users almost doubled in 2018, rising to 4.12% of all households from 2.11% in 2017.

“As connected devices, streaming services and broadband speeds increase, service providers need an alternative to infrastructure upgrades that would enable them to keep up with demand,” said Josh Barstow, executive vice president of corporate strategy and business development for OpenVault.

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