PŸUR wins contract to build network

Tele Columbus HQ

PŸUR, the German cable operator formerly known as Tele Columbus, is to build a new city network for Seelow in Märkisch-Oderland in eastern Germany.

Tele Columbus subsidiary Die Frankfurter Antennen- und Kommunikationsservice GmbH (FAKS), will build a network to serve around 1,500 households in the town in eastern Brandenburg.

Starting from the second half of next year, residents of Seelow will have access to TV, fast internet and telephony via the new network under the PŸUR brand.

The build-out plan follows FAKS winning a tender put out by SEWOBA GmbH, which connects 1,300 homes in the city to a TV-only cable network. Contracts to supply the network for a further 166 residential units were granted in advance, and the network owner said it was in contact with other building owners located in the city.

Seelow’s 5,500 residents currently have access to a maximum internet speed of 16Mbps. According to PŸUR, its new fibre-to-the-building network will bring speeds of up to 400Mbps to residents. FAKS will also build a public WiFi hotspot network for the town.

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